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Academy of Translations

All-in-one Agency for foreign citizens in Romania

Since 2005 * Notary Public * Romanian Documents * Trusted Agency since 2005

Customized Solutions

Certified/Legalized Translations

  • +35 languages
  • +300 translators
  • since 2005

Interpreters/ Translators for any Romanian Institution

at banks, city hall, for newborn birth registration, marriage, company’s setting up, business meetings, Immigration Office, Embassies/Consulate, at US/American Embassy, Passports’ Office, notary public.

Notary Public Services with Interpreter

  • Power of attorney
  • Declarations/ Statements
  • Notarised Child Travel Consent
  • All notary services (agreements, contracts etc)
  • Certify / Notarize / Attest any Document

Apostille/ Supralegalization

  • at Romanian Institutions
  • at Embassies in Bucharest
  • Auto Power of attorney for Turkey

Marriage in Romania

  • Consulting: Matrimonial Regime
  • Legalized Translations
  • Notary Public Declarations
  • Interpreter for applying/marriage ceremony
  • Apostille of Marriage Certificate & translation into any language

Romanian Residence Permit

  • If married with Romanian citizen
  • As family member
  • For EU citizens (any situations)

Romanian Documents

  • Penal Record
  • NIF
  • Driving License
  • Divorce
  • Name change
  • Transcriere
  • Celibat

Romanian Vital Records (birth, marriage, death)

  • Civil Records
  • Archive Records
  • Religious Records
  • Multilingual Extracts 

Romanian Citizenship & Passport in Bucharest

  • if you have Romanian roots
  • if you are married with Romanian citizen
  • if you live in Romania at least 8 years
  • Schedule, Prepare & Submit your file
  • Translation of the documents
  • Obtaining Romanian Passport

Recognition and Equivalence of Studies

  • Abroad Studies Docs for Romania
  • Romanian Studies Docs for Abroad

Company’s Setting up

  • Translations
  • Notary Public Docs
  • Interpreter for notary/lawyer/bank
  • Legal address rent
  • Registering at Trade Registry
  • Opening bank account Assistance

Real Estate Assistance

  • Tax Identification Number (NIF)
  • Notary Public Services
  • Interpreters for signing Agreements at notary
  • Legal solutions for buying land
  • Translators for  visiting real estate properties
  • Fiscal registration of the property (ANAF), agreements, tax payment, utilities.
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